Welcome to the Long White Cloud Kung Fu Online Academy!


This is a comprehensive training resource for learning the Long White Cloud Kung Fu syllabus including southern style five animals kung fu and traditional Chinese weaponry (there are over 100 instructional videos in the Yellow Belt resources alone, plus many more at each new belt level!) .

At Long White Cloud Kung Fu we have a very practical focus to our training, which means that in this academy you will not only learn traditional kung fu forms with their health benefits and philosophy, but you will also learn the fighting application of every movement. This makes Long White Cloud Kung Fu excellent for self defence.

You can see an overview of the syllabus by browsing around the outline pages in the Online Training Resources.  However access to the training materials is restricted to registered members only.  Anyone is welcome to register for the Yellow Belt material and begin learning by going to the Membership Levels page and registering.  You can get a one month FreeTrial, access to the Yellow Belt level to see what you will learn by entering the discount code FreeTrial at the checkout (you will then be billed the normal amount monthly after the trial ends, you can cancel at any time).

Access to higher belt material is restricted to students who have graded to the appropriate level (you can learn more about gradings on the Gradings page).  To gain access to this material you will need to email us at online@longwhitecloudkungfu.com and get a discount code to enter when registering for your new level.  This is really for your own benefit and to help you to focus on building your skills and understanding step by step.  Progressing through the belt levels one by one will make you a better kung fu practitioner than if you were to try dabbling in the material from the different belt levels out of order.

Who is the Long White Cloud Kung Fu Online Academy For?

The LWCKF online academy is for anyone wanting a great way to learn kung fu.  This will include people who aren’t able to attend live training sessions, people who can make it to classes but not as regularly as they would like, and even people who do attend classes regularly but want resources to help them remember things and to help guide their personal practice at home.

The LWCKF online academy is also an excellent resource for instructors who are running their own classes.  It can help you to refresh your memory of details and techniques and give you ideas of what to teach your students. We even have specific resources to help with planning, running and managing classes.

The LWCKF online academy will help you to learn kung fu faster, and give you the resources to improve your kung fu to a higher standard.  I should warn you though, the LWCKF syllabus is not easy. There is a LOT to learn.  That is part of what makes it enjoyable though, an interest and a challenge that you can pursue for many years and maybe even your whole life continuing to learn and develop yourself.

Can I really learn kung fu from videos?

The short answer is Yes… and No.  The way you will really learn kung fu is through hard work and practice!  (after all, that is what kung fu means – skill acquired through hard work). The videos will show you what you need to do, but the learning will take place through practicing the movements over and over until they feel right and work for you.  A lot of this you will be able to do by yourself, but there are also parts of the syllabus that you will need a living breathing partner to practice with.  For this reason you will need to find at least one friend or family member to train with you as you progress through the levels.  Hopefully you will find more than one friend to train with, as you will gain more insight by having different people to practice with who have different body types and ways of moving. Its also more fun.

Join the community!

Long White Cloud Kung Fu is not just a style.  Long White Cloud Kung Fu is a community of people passionate about the martial arts.  When you join Long White Cloud Kung Fu you are joining a community of people who will share their experience with you and help to make your martial arts journey more enjoyable. Hopefully on your kung fu journey you will have the opportunity to meet and train with many people in this community, in the mean time we have some great forums where you can discuss what you are learning and share experiences together. You will also be automatically added to our Online Academy email newsletter list when you register your membership, so you can stay up to date with new content on the site and other news and events.  Head over to the Membership Levels page now and start your journey with Long White Cloud Kung Fu.

If you have more questions about the Long White Cloud Kung Fu Online Academy you can find a lot of answers on the FAQs page, or you can email us at online@longwhitecloudkungfu.com